Man scarred for life after being slashed in face ‘feels like a picture as people stare’

A man, who has been left scarred for life after being slashed in the face, has revealed he feels like a ‘picture’ as people stare at him all the time.

Maciek Karnicki, 31, had to receive 20 stitches to the face after being attacked by a man with a Stanley knife, in Eccles town centre, Salford, who proceeded to shout “I’ll kill you”.

Anthony Leather, 47, slashed Mr Karnicki – who was known as ‘Magic’ to his friends – after Leather slapped a man on a mobility scooter, report Manchester Evening News.

The 47-year-old proceeded to shockingly cut Mr Karnicki across the face twice with a four-inch Stanley knife he had on his possession, before he was able to get away.

Following the horror incident, Leather, from Southway, Eccles, was was arrested and charged four days later.

On Friday, at Manchester Crown Court, he was declared a dangerous offender, and was consequently handed an extended 12 year sentence.

This includes eight years in prison, and an extra four years on licence after pleading guilty to wounding with intent and possessing a knife.

Additionally, police have now released an image of Mr Karnicki’s injuries, which have not only left him with permanent scarring, but also with a permanent fear of living in Salford.

He told the court: “At the moment I feel I am a picture or a painting, because everyone keeps on looking at me in public.” adding that he wants to leave the area, but has been unable to do so.

Sentencing judge, Recorder Joanne Woodward told Leather – who has 17 previous convictions including assault and threatening a blade, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possessing a knife – said that the 31-year-old has suffered a “shocking disfigurement” to his face because of the attack.

Ms Woodward said: “Without apparent provocation you started to attack him, he having sought to intervene in an incident in which you were attacking another male.

“You had a knife in your possession. You lashed out at him, holding the knife causing him a slash wound to his head and face, shouting I’ll kill you. He tried to get away but you hurt him again.

“He suffered what can only be described as a shocking disfigurement as a result of this wound. He and his family are fearful of remaining in the area in which they live.

“He describes how everybody stares at him.”

Defending, Michael James said Leather denied initiating any violence, and claimed he’d been pushed first.

He said Leather accepted there was ‘no excuse for retaliating’.

The court heard that Leather had told of the ‘life sentence’ his victim will suffer, having suffered permanent scarring to his face.

Leather will serve two-thirds of his eight year sentence in prison, before the Parole Board decide whether it is safe for him to be released.