‘I gave up everything to live in a motorhome and now I don’t pay bills’

A former BBC reporter says she’s ‘never been happier’ after retiring from her career and moving into a motorhome.

Siobhan Daniels, 63, swapped her flat in Kent for a £40,00 RV three years ago and hasn’t looked back – giving up most of her possessions in favour of a simpler life.

Following the huge lifestyle change, she now enjoys travelling around the UK volunteering and soaking up the joys of the countryside in her motorhome, which she’s charmingly nicknamed Dora The Explorer.

The mother-of-one used to work for BBC East, but chose the unconventional retirement plan after struggling with her mental health in her 50s.

Siobhan told The Guardian that she ‘found freedom’ while travelling the country, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to household bills.

Opening up about her struggles with going through the menopause, Siobhan said: “I felt anxious, weepy and angry with the world”.

She also told the publication that she felt lost during her job as a reporter and producer, and that she was simply ‘pretending’ at life, finding it difficult to open up about her struggles.

As a single mum to 32-year-old Sammy, giving up conventional life for one on the road was simply impossible until her daughter had grown up, but she knew she had to make a change after going through a dark period in her 50s.

After the death of her mother and eldest sister, Siobhan felt compelled to embark on a major life transformation, and turned to the road for a new adventure when she hit 60.

She’s now turned her attention to campaigning against ageism, and runs a blog offering tips for other women looking to make a change later in life.

Siobhan also spends time volunteering at a farm in Dorset, which includes shovelling muck and pushing it round in wheelbarrows.

Unafraid to get stuck in, the former journalist told her Instagram followers that she loves the farm work, and jokes that shovelling horse muck is a ‘free work out’.

The motorhome owner insists that ‘you’re never too old to fulfil your dreams’ and hopes to inspire others to follow her lead.

Her motorhome boasts a full-size shower, hob and fridge freezer – and she’s even kitted herself out with her very own gin bar.

The adventurer has been travelling the UK for two years, and during that time she’s has set up camp in beautiful areas including the Yorkshire Dales and Loch Morlich in the Highlands.

Writing on Instagram, Siobhan says that she feels ‘so blessed’ to have met incredible friends along the way, adding that “they have enriched my life and also fired my lust for more adventures”.

The ex-journalist has now released a book called Retirement Rebel which details her time on the road, and hopes to encourage others to take the plunge on new adventures – regardless of age.