Savvy farmer rakes in £2,000 a month from YouTube videos showing his working day

A farmer has turned to ‘MooTube’ to make ends meet during the cost-of-living crisis.

Ian Pullen, 57, makes more money filming his daily work than he does from actually doing it.

He has amassed thousands of followers on YouTube by recording his day-to-day life on the farm.

Known as ‘Farmer P’ online, he rakes in £2,000-a-month posting regular videos on the site.

Cattle farmer Ian began making YouTube videos at his 57-acre farm in the Cotswolds in 2018.

The channel took off during the pandemic when he uploaded videos daily so his mum could keep up-to-date.

With help from his wife Jean and their four daughters he now has 37,500 subscribers from all over the world.

He even sells cuddly toy merchandise of his dog, Biskit, who he says is the real star of the channel.

Ian says videos involving shiny tractors and his dog are particularly popular.

He said: “Now I can make sometimes up to £2,000 a month from YouTube which is more than my cattle.

“People seem to love the videos – but my dog Biskit is the true star.

“It’s a form of diversification, some farmers open bed and breakfasts, some open a cafe, this is my version of that.

“I’ve met some amazing people along the way.”